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This page  is about Capt. Ian Humphrey.
He has been so kind as to volunteer to test Relentless Knives. Look for the Tests,Reviews and Articles links on the control panel.. Later this page will be filled with more of his adventures and knife using experiences
Capt Humphrey is an avid Out Doors man, Adventurer, Military Leader and War Hero.
He tests these knives in order to see if they are good enough to be  termed RELENTLESS. KNIVES
His  tests, reviews and articles are straight forward . The knives he tests are the same knives you get  when you buy a Relentless knife or DMC Originals.
I admire the man and Thank him for  his service to our country, and to YOU the knife using public.
Thanks Ian.

Ian Humphrey

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 Let's take a few minutes to Thank Major Ian Humphrey.                    
His Relentlessly hard work  is seen here every month.
The guy goes to great lengths to put Relentless Knives to the test and to
make sure that they are fit for service , in war zones, deep in the forest, or in the big city.

Besides that, Ian is a career soldier who has been serving his country for the last past 11 years.  He is a Tactical training Officer at USMA West Point.
Has served in Iraq, and  is a family man with a wife and two beautiful children.

Major Humphrey is also an avid outdoors man, hunter, fisherman, kayaker,
diver, and adventurer. His attitude is more optimistic than anyone I have ever met, and his work and attention to detail is meticulous.

I'm proud to feature his work here, and when you read it, you can be sure that
what he says is no conjecture.
Ian has shown that he is willing to not only do what it takes to do the job, but to
go the bit extra which separates the good from the great.

I stay more than busy making each Relentless Knife by hand, and without Ian's help I doubt that the Relentless knives newsletter would be possible.

So every once and awhile it's time to thank those who help to make Relentless knives as good as you have told us they are.
We appreciate your business, and hope that you appreciate the time and effort
Ian puts into his part of the task. I know I do, and hope you all feel the same.




                 Thanks for the Excellence

                  Major Humphrey


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