Relentless Knives USA
Welcome to our 2018 Catalog

Each Relentless knife is handmade by Daniel M. Certo from Top Quality raw materials especially selected  and prepared to endure a lifetime of hard and heavy use at reasonable prices
All Relentless knives are
ZONE tempered for incredible strength.
Zone Tempering, a process used by Japanese Samurai sword makers for thousands of years, results in a super strong blade, with spring temper in the spine and 58rc hardness on the cutting edge, This gives you a knife that resists breakage even with the application of great lateral
forces, that will hold an edge well, and re sharpen easily. 
Then add  my
trademarked tri asymetrical grind which further enhances resistance to lateral force and results in a knife more than a cut above
the rest

RELENTLESS KNIVES  are made with the military in mind, offering  you a knife that is as flexible and durable as possible in a variety of ways.   We  want to make sure that  RELENTLESS knives exceed the needs of professional soldiers, policemen and adventurers.
Why?    We are Committed to Excellence! You won't find Relentless Knives everywhere.   In fact, production is all by hand, and  it's a slow process to say the least.
But, well worth the time, as they are made to last a lifetime,
and endure the rigors of battle.
I use  materials and  processes that are expressly intended to resist  extreme abuse, and  have  invested a lot of time and effort  in testing the products myself.  Then I have them tested further by objective individuals in a sincere effort to bring you a product that is strong and reliable.
In today's world, this is rare.
Every RELENTLESS  KNIFE is  handmade by me in my shop. Unlike factory or semi production knives, each knife receives full  personal attention. One of the biggest drawbacks is wait time.  Our world is getting faster and faster.  We want what we want, and NOW! This leaves individual craftsman in the dust , as some processes  simply cannot be economically automated  and retain the enhancements they provide. Considering that with bit of care, the finished product can last for centuries, waiting for it might be easier.  Your order   receives unequaled attention to detail in every aspect of the production process. I take great pride in my work, and want your knife to be the best it can be.  I am not the judge of whether or not my work is good. I have hundreds of happy customers and unsolicited testimonials . Check out my feedback.   I work hard for it and am very proud to have you as my customer. The RELENTLESS spirit
that propels many to excellence is built into each of my knives.  You'll feel it as you hold the knife, and it will be with you so long as you own your
Cataloged designs are available on
an order basis with 16 week wait time.Check the Details page and Custom shop for
Custom builds and Customized cataloged designs
Also check the Available knives page for knives ready to ship.

Relentless Knives USA

To place your order, for any cataloged model, simply choose your knife and any
options, add up your total, then use the website Pay Button at the bottom of this page.

After pressing the button a form will appear. Type in the item and price.
Enter for example: M2 Talon 3V Steel,Green Handle,Matte and the price, on the item description line.
NOTE: All Sub-Compacts have 2
or 3 finger hold. This means the handles are short to facilitate compactness.

Relentless Knives M1 Sub Compact

Features and Benefits:
Small enough for legal concealed carry almost every where. Tough enough to get you  out of trouble.

M2T-Sub C
Relentless Knives M2T SubC

Features and Benefits:
It comes with a  kydex necklace style sheath.
Creative use of the P cord lanyard allows for belt carry. A handy little utility knife. 2 finger hold.

M2 Clipper
Relentless Knives M2 Clipper
Features and Benefits:
Small enough for legal concealed carry almost every where. Tough enough to get you  out of trouble.
This Mini neck knife is great for Law Enforcement and Military use. It comes with a  kydex necklace style sheath.

M2 Scorpion
Relentless Knives M2 Scorpion
Features and Benefits:
Small, yet fits the hand exceptionally  well. 
Strong enough for use as a mountain climbers rope anchor.  Handy enough to be your faithful companion every day ,all day making your life easier by handling hundreds of cutting tasks and more. Excellent for Law Enforcement and Military use. Sturdy enough to act as substantial weaponry in a last ditch capacity.  High Performance Sub Compact.  Strong,  Reliable. Once you own it, You will never want to be without it. 

Relentless Knives M2 Pug
Features and Benefits:
A 5 1/2 inch version of the very popular 7" M2 Talon. This size fits in the front pouch of the Spec Ops Brand Combat Master and Survival Sheath (not included). This size is highly conceal able 1/4" thick  and an extremely effective last ditch combat weapon.

Relentless M3 Executive Protection Custom Knife, knives
Features and Benefits:
Executive Protection extremely effective last ditch combat weapon.

M2 Viper
Relentless Knives M2 Viper
Features and Benefits:
Small, effective,and perfect for EDC general utility.

Relentless knives are always open and ready for instant use.

M1 Mini
Relentless Knives M1 Mini

Very strong  general utility knife.  Great for backup personal protection and hundreds of cutting tasks

Desperate situations often require extreme, instant and decisive action.
A back up knife is one of those solutions.

M1 Midget

Relentless Knives M1 Midget
Features and Benefits: The Midget is a big little knife, that offers you  low profile, easy carry, with a LARGE measure of last ditch personal protection

M2 Cleaver
Relentless Knives USA M2 Cleaver
FEATURES and BENEFITS: This little Cleaver is at home at wine and cheese parties, and should things go wrong there,  you'll have heavy last ditch personal protection in a handy all around utility knife that you will love.
Since it looks like a full sized meat Cleaver, there is a certain amount of fun just carrying it.  But, don't let it's small size fool you.
It will slice through tough materials with ease. And, for those who have tried tossing a Meat cleaver, you know that they find their target rather easily due to the exceptional balance for such tasks.  Certainly that's not recommended, but should the need arise, this little fella will do an admirable job.

M2 Talon
Relentless Knives M2 Talon
Features and Benefits: The M2 Talon  with it's broad blade and compact OAL has been chosen by Professional soldiers and Law Enforcement personnel worldwide as a highly efficient backup weapon. In a last ditch CQB situation this little knife, correctly deployed,  is devastating.  Low key, easy to carry.  It's also great for hundreds
of general utility tasks.

M3 Medic
Relentless Knives M3 Medic
Features and Benefits:This knife is great for Medics, Para Medics and anyone who needs a quick deployable, compact and very sharp cutting tool.
Genuine "Form FIT" Kydex Neck/belt sheath holds the knife in place for up side down carry on necklace, pack strap etc  included. Modified tanto/chisel type point gives you lots of extra cutting surface. Serrations work great on cardboard and lots of other stuff.

Relentless Knives Tactical Pizza Knife
Features and Benefits: TPK= Tactical Pizza Knife
A great boot sized knife.
that will handle a wide variety of utility cutting tasks as well a
Spine maintains thickness to the point for strength. Sharp front edge allows long straight cuts and exceptional penetration.

Relentless Knives M4 Wolverine
Features and Benefits: Compact addition to your personal protection plan. Devastating last ditch backup to your firearm. Leave nothing to chance. In an emergency this knife can save your life. No threat, no problem, it is also a Great all around utility knife that will handle a wide variety of tasks and great for every day carry.

M1 Commander
Relentless Knives M1 Commander
Features and Benefits: This knife is great for  Military/ Survival  use. A special grind inspired by the Probis M9 bayonet allows for a very strong sharp point which enhances penetrating capability and cutting ability while maintaining blade thickness. and strength.. top serrations are saw teeth and cut lots of stuff.  The area behind the point is designed so that the knife can be struck with wood to aid in splitting small fire wood. The saw tooth serrations are effective for ripping through lots of stuff.  Will also cut through light metal sheeting and aircraft bodies. The knife is Zone Tempered, with spring temper in the spine and 58rc hardness on the cutting edge. This gives you a knife that resists breakage even with the application of great lateral forces,  will hold an edge well, and re sharpen easily.

M4 Ranger
Relentless Knives USA M4 Ranger
Features and Benefits: Traditionally styled,
the M4 Ranger is a  Great  Medium sized
Combat, Survival Utility knife.
The knife comes with removable handles,  which allow you to quickly and easily change to P cord , or to use the knife as a spear when needed.  You can also order extra handles for the knife for different  situations. Orange for high or black for normal use.
The Integral guard allows for a center of balance on these knives, that is unequaled in any previous Relentless knife. It allows the knife to be an accurate throwing knife, which effortlessly finds its target in full or half spins. That's the last thing you want to do to your knife, but in a pinch, the capability is built in.
M4 Ranger

M1 Air Crew Egress
Relentless Knives M1 A.C.E.
Features and Benefits: A.C.E. = Air Crew Egress  This knife is built for that. The contoured handle fits the hand and protects it while punching through Plexiglas etc. The top serrations work on sheet metal and wood. As a survival knife, the quad lanyard holes allow tethering to the hand so you can both hold your knife ready to use, and fire a rifle, pistol etc.

M1  M.A.P.
M1 M.A.P.
Features and Benefits: M.A.P. = Military Award Program. This knife was designed for the 2006  MAP program, and a dozen were sent to Iraq. The knife has about everything an infantryman would need in a wide variety of situations.. The exposed pommel  can be used as a hammer, and a wire breaker slot is included.  Lashing holes in the guard which is silver soldered to the blade.

Don't wait ....having a good knife can make the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

Relentless Knives M3T
Features and Benefits: The semi hollow or flat ground. Provides unequaled slicing ability and the modified Tanto point provides amazingly accurate cutting and penetrating ability as well as greatly reducing any chance of the point breaking.
A great knife for combat, and general utility.

M4 Bounty Hunter
Relentless Knives M4 Bounty Hunter
Features and Benefits:
It's the ultimate in a  knife, strong enough to break down doors in a package the size of the average open tactical folding knife. Large enough for heavy cutting and chopping yet easily adapts to concealed carry. This knife was developed for Law Enforcement and Military personnel who have to gain entrance quickly without keys or a ram. Won't bend or break with the application of strong lateral forces. It's only 8.5" OAL, yet able and ready to get you inside NOW.
The pistol grip handle is quick and familiar to those who carry for a living. With a high ride Kydex sheath and Tek Loc hanger, this tool can quickly attached to your belt before a raid, etc.  Has a low profile, and will blend with your gear. A pouch front leather sheath is also  available. The pouch fits some pistol magazines holds sharpening supplied etc.. 

Relentless people own Relentless knives

M4 Recon
Relentless Knives M4 ReCon
Features and Benefits: An excellent all around combat utility knife. Zone tempered for incredible strength. Tri-asymmetrical grind for a strong sharp point. Double guard for hand protection and forceful thrusts. Serrations for sawing through tough thick materials, wire stripping, or scraping. 

M9 Sniper
Relentless Knives M9 Sniper
Features and Benefits: An excellent all around combat, utility, survival knife. Zone tempered for incredible strength,. Tri- asymmetrical grind for a strong sharp point. Double sided Shark tooth serrations for ripping and tearing or sawing. Great feel and balance.
Remove the handles to make a strong spear if needed.
Lanyard holes allow the knife to be tethered to the hand. You can climb and shoot while still holding your knife.

Relentless Knives M4 Bolo
Features and Benefits:
An excellent  knife for your next Expedition that will  take the place of several other tools. Easily chops through 4" trees, splits firewood , hacks through vines and thick brush. Slightly re curved blade for increased cutting ability. Zone tempered for incredible strength.

Relentless Knives USA M1A
It is an extended version of the M1 Aviator and one of our most popular models. Available in blade lengths from 7 .5 to 10" the knife is a camp/ survival tool that can easily chop down trees, build shelters and serve as a formidable weapon should the need arise.

Relentless M1 Commando
The M1 Commando is an extended version of the M1 Commander. The extra length becomes very important in certain combat situations, and the M1 Commando is great for Recon, Sniper and Spec Ops missions. Super strong, and ready to complete your most demanding Ops. 

Swiss Army knives are great for stirring hot Coco but don't be fooled....if you find yourself
in a situation that requires will need something more substantial.



Relentless Knives  Botswana Bush Ranger
Features and Benefits:
An excellent  knife for your next Expedition or Safari that will  take the  place of several other tools. Easily chops through 4" trees with  the  personal protection of a short sword.  Zone tempered for incredible  strength. 

Relentless Knives M4 Explorer
Features and Benefits:
An excellent  knife for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking trips.
Chops, saws, cuts, hammers and more


Relentless Knives M4X Punisher

M4X Punisher
This knife was chosen for the 2008 Punisher movie, but not because of its looks or
fantasy appeal.
The people who did the original shopping were x Recon Marines and Army Special Forces.
The Punisher character,  immortalized in movies etc. is an X- U.S. Marine, then F.B.I. agent then .....well watch the movie.
Take it with you on your next adventure. It's built to withstand extreme
conditions,  waiting to become your faithful companion.
NOTE: The M4X Punisher knife is available without movie markings at a reduced price.
Contact us for details.
To place your order, for any cataloged model, simply choose your knife and any
options, add up your total, then use the website Pay Button at the bottom of this page.
The website calculates shipping approx $25.00 for (USA) USPS Priority insured with delivery confirmation, more in other parts of the world.Upon receipt of funds I'll send your receipt marked paid in full,
with a copy of your order sheet.
You confirm spec's via email,
Then your knife will be put into production without delay and finished within the allotted time continuum
Wait time is 16 weeks or less and 24 weeks or less for Custom builds and Hot Enhanced knives.

After pressing the button a form will appear. Type in the item and price.
Enter for example: M2 Talon 3V Steel,Green Handle,Matte and the price, on the item description line.
Relentless knives are always open and ready for instant use.
Relentless knives are 100% handmade by me in my shop. Your knife gets individual care and attention in order to make it
far superior to a mass produced product

Variants and Non Cataloged items 
Creative residuals: In the process of designing New, more effective models, the
  morphing process, results in first variants and then prototypes. The differences are strictly cosmetic, often very interesting
and in the scheme of things, quite rare.

Also, non catalog items are knives or other items that have not yet been added to this catalog for one reason or another. They are  often fully developed models that either missed the catalog dead line, or were in line with lots of other great knives and just could not get  a
space of their own yet. Or, were part of a design project that was interrupted  and for one reason or another not yet completed.

The sale of these  often fund the development project of new and better models. Collectors who are interested in this type of knife can find them on the available knives page from time to time under the title of Variant or when a development project in underway,

Use this button to place your order.

After pressing the button a form will appear. Type in the item and price. Enter for example: M2 Talon 3V Steel,Green Handle,Matte and the price, on the item description line.
This is not a shopping cart site, so you will have to type
in what you are paying for. 
 PayPal or Credit Card it's fast, free and secure! 

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Wait time and ordering
You can order most knives on this site with 16 week wait time,
(standard  no options ) .
This is different than many custom makers, because, when my 16 week quota is filled, I will  not accept further orders.  The result.....Your knife in your hand 16 weeks or less.
Terms of sale are listed below
Lifetime Replacement Warranty
You have a LIFE TIME replacement warranty against breakage except for extreme abuse and handles. Which means, I make the knives out of materials and with processes that are expressly intended to resist the rigors of hard use and, I abuse each knife before it is finally finished in order to make sure of it's strength.  This does not mean the knife is unbreakable, but it does mean that by human force alone, it is  rather difficult to break. So, I consider extreme abuse, a deliberate attempt to destroy the knife. In these cases,  have fun and let me know what happens, as this is beyond your warranty.  .........i.e. it will melt if you place it near a burning phosphorus grenade or repeatedly pound the handles with a ten pound sledge etc. etc.
Other than the above,  it's simple, just return the broken knife and I'll make you another without delay. Shipping not included.
Terms of Sale
Payment in advance via Pay pal, or Credit Card after knife quote and before actual metal work is started. Delivery time 16 weeks or less for standard models of RELENTLESS KNIVES  and vary as per the amount of work involved on Custom orders.  Shipping via USPS  with insurance and tracking. Photos of the finished product are emailed for your approval. All sales are final, and I'm sure you'll be pleased. If not I offer remaking at time of photo and ten days after the knife is received so long as the knife is returned in New unused condition.  Remakes are handled in the order received, and take precedence over regular orders.After that you have a lifetime replacement warranty for breakage except for handles and extreme abuse.
Available Knives follow the above terms of sale, except, that they are shipped promptly. They can be returned for a remake, if returned in the condition received
within ten business days. Please note that all sales are final.
Available knives
I want it NOW! I understand, and feel that way too. So, in an effort to fulfill  these requests, I make a certain number of RELENTLESS  knives and offer them for sale on  my Available knives page.
So if you want a RELENTLESS  knife and you can't or won't order one, watch
the AK page

Since I do very little selling at wholesale....i.e. products sold to dealers for resale. other options are discussed below.
How to Order:   Cataloged Relentless knives
RELENTLESS knives that are listed in this catalog are readily available with 16 week wait time.
To place your order, simply note the model you want. then select the steel, blade finish and handle color. Then press the PAY BUTTON  above.
This will bring up a Payment form. You can use your Credit Card, Debit Card or Pay pal account.
All transactions are handled by Pay pal, and you need not be a Pay pal subscriber. This is quick, easy and secure. We never see your sensitive information, and Pay pal is world famous for safe secure web based money handling. We have been with them since 1999, with no problems. Note: Since these are handmade products, you must fill in what you are purchasing, and your shipping address. It's not difficult. We will confirm your order and receipt of funds via email,   Your knife will then be put on my production schedule, and completed without delay.
Changes to your order must be made within one week of payment date. After that, your knife will be in work and changes could be difficult. During the wait time, your emails are welcomed for updates and progress reports. When your knife is complete, I will email photos for your approval. I'm sure you'll be pleased, but if your not, I will make another knife without delay. After that, your knife will be shipped  via USPS Priority mail. Please let me know that it arrives safely. You have ten days to examine the knife. If your dissatisfied, you can return it for a remake. . After that, you have a life time replacement warranty.
Also, your questions , comments  are always welcomed, both before during and after your order. Feel free to make inquiries concerning the choice of models,steels etc. etc. We are here  and will be glad to answer your questions.  CONTACT
Hot Enhancement

OPTIONAL: Hot Enhancement = Hand Forged, Triple Thermo Quenched, Cryogenic Freeze, Triple tempered.  Hot Enhancement turns an industrial strength tool into a super knife enhancing the breakage resistance and edge holding x 4.  These enhancements are for the most demanding users.  In practicality, you won't need them unless you plan on building cities in the jungle with your knife as your only tool.

I also work in other steels, and can make your knife out of anything you want within reason.
Prices and warranty will vary with other materials, as I have tested the above and have found them the best for the type of knives produced.
How to buy:  Available Relentless knives
Check the Available knives page of this site.
contact me if you have any problems.
Thanks for looking over our catalog. I look forward to making your special knife.
    Read the Relentless Knives Enews every month for catalog updates and more.
Custom Orders: 
To get a Custom project underway, contact me anytime with any contact button on this web site. we can exchange emails until I clearly understand what you want. Then, I will quote
you a price on the job.  Upon receipt of funds, I will complete your knife without delay. Note that custom orders take more time than cataloged items,
and are more expensive, but for the person who wants a Super sturdy knife with cosmetic enhancements that make it a work of art I would be proud to work with you.
Important Note: I don't buy other peoples designs, so any knife I make can and will be made again at my whim. Should you have secret or original designs I respectfully request that you read the sentence above before contacting me.   Most likely I won't use your design ever again, but,  just in case, I would  rather save us both the trouble in advance.
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