M1i Interceptor: Sleek, Fast, And Reliable

   By: Major Ian Humphrey
      This is the first of a series of reports on the new Relentless M1i line of knives.  All of the knives in this new series feature a unique double guard that is cut from the original steel (as compared to a separate and weaker soldered on cross guard).  There are many design benefits to this integral guard line, but my favorite is the fact that you can use the holes in the integral guard and in the exposed tang to secure the knife to your hand.  This setup allows the user to have the knife tied to their hand and still allow them to hold a flashlight, pistol, etc.  The M1i Interceptor is different from the other integral guard knives due to its single finger cutout in the handle, and the different blade shape.  I would describe this model more as a "fighter" style with its sleek lines and thin blade profile.  The version I tested did not have any serrations, but Dan Certo can add serrations if the customer prefers.  My first impression of this knife is of a well-balanced knife that feels like an extension of your hand.  It is easy to hold in different grips and built like a tank (which is of course common with all Relentless Knives).


The Tests

     The M1i series of knives has been an on-going project for about a year now.  In that time I have been able to do the longest and most extensive tests of any knife.  The Interceptor performed exceptionally in all of them and I will highlight some of the results.  Again, the model I tested had no serrations and was made from 5160 steel.  During the initial paper and cardboard tests, the Interceptor performed very well.  The blade geometry and weight made these cutting mediums look easy.  On 550 cord the Interceptor could cut five strands at a time.  This is an impressive feat and tells a lot about the edge as well as blade design.  Dry wood was also no problem for the Interceptor with deep, clean cuts through different types of seasoned wood.  On green wood, the knife was a good chopper and the handle shape made for easy snap cuts.  This knife really excelled when using a baton due to the lack of serrations along the spine.  With such a large striking area, the Interceptor could easy cut through large saplings and other trees and bushes.  I also tested the knife on some different objects that included an old engine hose and climbing rope.  In all this tests the Interceptor made deep, easy cuts with little effort.  For an "extreme" test, I brought this knife along on a hike to an old airplane crash site in the Catskills.  I wanted to see how the blade would do going through an airplane wing and I am happy to report the knife performed very well.  Once the knife was driven into the wing, it was easy to saw my way along the wing.  While this did mar the bead blasted finish, no damage occurred to the edge of the knife. 



     Dan provided me with a few different sheaths for these knives.  The one I used the most with this knife is the Spec Ops brand Combat Master sheath in the ACU pattern.  I have tested a few of the Spec Ops brand sheaths before, and just like this one, they are all top-notch equipment.  They offer multiple tie down points and are fully MOLLE compatible.  The split loop design on the belt loops prevent the sheath from moving around on your belt.  This particular sheath features a fully adjustable utility pouch on the front that will easily hold a spare pistol magazine, multi tool, or survival equipment. 



     My biggest dislike for the Interceptor was the sharp edges along the handles.  I feel this knife is designed for extreme hard use, and a more rounded handle shape will aid in chopping/heavy use comfort.  Dan has already addressed this issue and is working on a more rounded design for future models.  I would also suggest rounding the edges more along the integral guards.  While there are no sharp angles along the guards, a more rounded guard will aid in comfort since your fingers tend to use them for extra leverage while cutting, etc. 



     In my opinion, the M1i integral guard line of knives is some of the best examples of extreme use knives that Dan has ever produced.  Since he has not been rushed in this project, we have been able to test several samples and refine the designs after every test.  The Interceptor is a fine example of a line of knife that has survived extreme testing in order to provide the customer with a rock solid design that is meant for hard use.  The knife's great balance and fighter profile will make a fine addition to any one's kit as they prepare to go into harm's way.

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