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Feb 28th will dawn the 2012 catalog, and
you'll find some NEW shapes and sizes
but the careful selection of high quality super rugged
raw materials as well as special in house heat
treatment and  Zone tempering  will
stay the same giving you a knife that will endure a life time of hard and heavy ON DUTY use.

MAP 2011 is closed and was a big success.
We are behind a bit on the photos, 
watch the MAP page for updates.
2 soldiers are still on the mailing list
 knives are still here, and complete.....they will be mailed very soon.
We have a dozen knives to start out the 2012 MAP program, and more are in the works.
Thanks to each soldier who participated in the 2011 program.

The  Feb 2012  Enews is  a reprint of the Jan 2012 Enews with a few changes.
This is because  we are working on the 2012 catalog, the 2012 MAP
program, the Available knives page, Your orders and more.

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FEB 2012

American Soldiers
Protecting YOUR freedom
Thank You for Your service

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Victory to the American SOLDIER!

Committed to Excellence
 Designed  for Maximum
Efficiency  Tested by Professional Soldiers
Relentless Knives,have found their
way all over the world.
In many places the term relentless
is more than a brand name on a knife.
Websters  Dictionary defines the term
re-lent-less; Unmoved by love or pity:
Unceasing, as without mercy.  
A tough word, for tough people, needing tough equipment.
   Thanks to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces
and others, for their relentless pursuit of  protecting  

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Rust  2012
Extreme Rust test 

Major Humphrey is testing KG Gun Kote finish
which prevents rust on High Carbon Alloy steel
The knife is first Parkerized, then coated with a durable
baked on finish.
I have had the finish on a knife for about a year and so far it
has held up better than the other coatings we have tried. (not pictured here)
NOTE : These finishes are GUN finishes, and knives
by the very nature of the job they do require constant abrasion.
No coating is going to last very long  on the
area of the knife's edge.
So, the goal is to simply prevent rust and stain on as much
 area of the knife as possible, for as long as possible.
One draw back on  coatings, especially
thick coatings on a knife is that the knifes edge
is almost always uncoated,  and used to cut through acidic substances like food etc.These acids can creep up under the coating causing hidden deterioration to the  underlying steel. with thin coatings you will notice bubbles in the finish. With thick textured powder coat you won't.

Parkerizing, an old idea, is not a coating,  It is a process
of  electrochemical conversion that bonds a layer of rust resistant oil absorbing
metal to the  host. It only works when oil  is added to seal the surface from moisture and acid.
Parkerizing under both thick and thin over coats of oil or poly based
stuff like powder coat, Dura Coat and KG Gun Coat  works well to
prevent rust and stain on carbon steel.
again, knives  require constant abrasion to do  their work, so tough as  coatings can be on guns etc,   knives are harder to keep protected.

We are also testing Cold gun bluing which  works far
better than no coating at all, and can be
re applied by the user with no special tools or equipment.  This may prove to be the best of all,
as  when the coating begins to wear you can easily refurbish it.
Keep an eye on this newsletter for the full report on Blued knives.

M4X  Special Edition Movie Knife
s30V steel

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Medal of Excellence Awarded to
Relentless Knives by 10th Mtn Div. U.S. Army, 
Camp Liberty, Iraq 2006

Relentless M4X  chosen out of 30 knives
to be the Official knife of  Marvel Comic book
character The Punisher  
and appeared in the 2008 Lions gate
Production of  Punisher War Zone

Relentless Knives are NOT
politically correct.
Below are a few  reasons you
should own one and keep it close

Geopolitical Journey: Iran at a Crossroads 

Relentless knives are always open and ready for instant use.
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Relentless Knives built to withstand
extreme conditions

Non Coated Carbon steel knives can rust quickly
if not kept coated with P.B. Blaster
Major Ian Humphrey
     Over the recent Labor Day Weekend I decided to practice the eight mile river course that I will be navigating near my home for an upcoming race.  I did the race last year and knew the course could be filled with downed trees and other obstacles in the water.  Now my wife could tell you that I have no shortage of edged tools to take along on this adventure; everything from machetes to hatchets to knives of every shape and size.  In the end my Relentless Punisher knife was strapped to the side of my kayak. 
     I chose the Punisher knife over the other tools for several reasons.  I knew I had a real possibility of having to cut my way through downed trees and limbs.  In addition, I knew I had the chance to encounter submerged obstacles like building materials, old picnic tables, fishing lines and ropes and even tires (how is it so many tires make it into rivers?).  I chose the Punisher knife over a machete or hatchet because I felt a heavier and wider blade would be critical to being able to chop through so many different types of materials.  I knew the added weight of this knife would make it easy to chop through anything in my path.  The shape of the blade also allows you to dig and pry if needed.  For the sheath I used the TOPs knives version of the Punisher sheath over the standard Relentless leather sheath.  The TOPs sheath is nylon and features a MOLLE compatible strap that allowed me to secure the knife to the inside support structure of my kayak.  I also knew the knife would get wet and figured a nylon sheath would hold up better to that kind of environment. 
     As it turned out the river was at its lowest depth in over a month and I ended up having to drag my kayak about a quarter of the entire route.  To say this was exhausting was an understatement!  The river was also filled with all sorts of debris and I had to portage four times around downed trees that completely covered the river.  I never needed to hack my way through any unforeseen obstacle but just having that large knife by my side gave me a warm sense of security. 
     One item I want to point out is that my Punisher knife is made from 5160 steel and is therefore a non-stainless steel.  When I returned home after four hours on the river I removed the knife from the sheath and was surprised to see several areas of rust forming along the blade.  The knife was wet the entire trip and I forgot to coat the blade with a rust inhibitor like PB Blaster, etc.  Once I cleaned off the blade and used some steel wool to remove the surface rust only black stains remained.  After a good coating of PB Blaster the knife has no visible rust. 
     If you choose a non-stainless steel like 5160 or 8670M/L6 just realize the real possibility of rust and/or staining of the blade and a little pre and post trip preventative maintenance will keep your knife looking good.


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Just in case you missed it...
current events say the
world is in turmoil a bit
more than usual.
Order your Relentless Knife today.
They are built to withstand
EXTREME conditions.
Which may be coming and not
just to a theater near you.

by:Major Ian Humphrey

After the Kayak experience, Dan suggested,   I put a backpacker prototype knife to the ultimate finish test and the knife looks almost as good as the day it arrived. 
The Coating
KG Gun Kote is a spray on coating that was first designed for firearms.  The coating works best when the base steel is first Parkerized.  This allows for a solid base coat that the Gun Kote finish can bond to.  This combination is what I tested on the backpacker knife.
  The resulting finish is slightly smooth to the feel and gives the knife a nice, non-reflective finish. 
The Knife

Dan sent me a new Backpacker prototype knife to test the finish.  This knife screams “less is more.”  Dan made a similar knife a few years ago that we nicknamed the “Relentless Steak Knife” since its overall size and shape resembles a steak knife.  I always liked this knife and the Backpacker knife follows similar lines.  The knife is small and thin and has no handle scales.  550 cord provided some grip and could be used to secure the knife to a makeshift spear for survival use.  To aid in multiple carry methods, the knife features plenty of holes to attach handles or secure the knife to different objects.  The knife features a simple straight edge with no serrations along the spine or edge.  This allows for a nice and long striking surface along the spine for batoning into logs, trees, etc.  To complete the minimalist package, Dan supplied a no-frills fold over kydex sheath and a Malice Clip to attach the knife to belts, MOLLE equipment, packs, etc. 
The Tests
I wanted to do everything possible to this knife to test the durability of the coating.  I tested a few other finishes over the years and they never lasted for a long period of time, especially with heavy use.  I began testing the knife by cutting the normal mediums of rope, cord, wet and dry wood, etc. to ensure the coating did not negatively affect the cutting edge of the knife.  I was happy to see the knife cut like a champ.  I increased my test mediums by cutting several items in my “junk box” that included an old seatbelt, garden hose, engine hose, leather, and thick climbing rope.  Again the knife cut without any issues.  Throughout all these cutting tests the finish did not flake off or begin to move away from the cutting edge.  
I took the knife out on a couple of day hikes and continued to test the knife on anything I could find.  This included cutting and shaping a few stakes to secure my poncho during an afternoon thunderstorm and pounding the knife edge repeatedly into an old log.  This was the main test that ruined the finish on the other coatings I did in the past.  The KG Gun Kote was un-phased by this abuse.  I even took the knife and threw it into a tree on several occasions.  While I landed most of the throws, several hit handle first and flew into the ground, yet again the finish was fine.  I was curious if bending the knife would cause the finish to come off so I found a piece of concrete along a stream bank and nailed the knife sideways into the base of an old tree.  I stood on the knife with all of my weight and hopped up and down on the blade.  The knife flexed with the abuse but returned true and the finish was un-hurt.  When I returned home from my first hike it was still raining so I left the knife in the rain for four hours.  When I retrieved the knife that evening I simply wiped it down with a paper towel and left it overnight to see if any rust would form.  The next day I was surprised to find the knife looked as good as new. 
To abuse the knife a little more I took a fresh grapefruit and some vegetables and cut them with the knife.  When I was finished I simply wiped the blade with another paper towel to see if the acids would affect the finish.  The next day…the knife was good to go.  For a final test I took a Swedish fire steel and tried to throw some sparks with the knife.  The smooth finish and the differential heat treat along the spine of the knife prevented any sparks from the fire steel but the edge of the knife threw plenty of sparks.  The rubbing of the fire steel along the spine did mare the finish a little bit, but again no rust ever formed and the finish was not removed down to the base of the steel. 
I am really impressed with the KG Gun Kote finish!  So much so I had Dan coat my M4X Punisher blade that I stained during the above chronicled  kayaking adventure  I tried everything I could to mare the finish and it still looks almost as good as new.  And the best part is that I never used any rust preventative like PB Blaster on the knife.  If I tried all of these torture tests on a non-stainless blade and failed to spray the steel…it would be a dark piece of rust by now.  And besides the great finish, Dan’s Backpacker prototype proved to be a simple yet very effective design.  It weighs almost nothing and is simple and easy to carry all day without noticing it.  So Dan has once again given his customers not one but two great new additions to his already impressive catalog.

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Millions of reasons to be prepared..
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 Relentless M4X Punisher knife in the hands of Ray Stevenson in 2008 Lions gate Movie Punisher War Zone

Our Favorite Movie
Was  released on DVD March 17th 2009
and  finally a good review, and  winner of
Classic Movie of the Month: Punisher: War Zone (2008): The flick isn't quite a year old yet, and it didn't make much money when it was released in theaters, and as a result has a bad reputation, one that isn't deserved in my opinion. It's got everyone. A great Punisher in Ray Stevenson, a great villain in Jigsaw (Dominic West), and some great, gory action sequences. The Punisher doesn't mess around. Easily one of the greatest B-movies of all time.

read archived Relentless Enews Punisher War Zone Movie Edition

Lexi Alexander

Also  we think Lexi Alexander is 10X and the best director worldwide.
She owns a Relentless Knife.....!
Click her photo to read her blog.  See her latest movie Lifted on NetFlix

Custom Cleaver

Relentless knives believes in the
Protection and Defense of the
Constitution of the
United States of America !

Relentless Knives USA M4 Ark Angel

Help the familys of U.S. Marines and Law Enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The knife to the left is massive, with the ability
to  half an entire Buffalo with one blow....yet when held correctly it acquires the agility of a much smaller knife and will easily sharpen a pencil.
The Relentless Knives  E news is published on a monthly basis, and written by Daniel M. Certo.
Knife Tests and Reviews By: Maj. Ian Humphrey.
Other writings by various contributers..
All information is protected by U.S. Copyright, Trademark and Patent laws.
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