Relentless Knives,have found their way all over the world.
In many places the term relentless
is more than a brand name on a knife.
Websters  Dictionary defines the term
re-lent-less; Unmoved by love or pity: Unceasing, as without mercy.  A tough word, for tough people, needing tough equipment. 
Thanks to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and others, for their relentless pursuit of protecting   people and using Relentless Knives to help them along their way.    

ASU    Hong Kong  ASU
Hong Kong Airport Security Unit Hong Kong Police
          Anti Terrorist Airport Security Unit    ASU                               
      We are proud to have a Relentless Knife in the hands of  professional crime
fighter KIT FU LING (AKA Terry) (center  above photo)       
For the last past 30 years, the City of Hong Kong has maintained security at it's Kai Tak and Hong Kong International Airport
with a squad of highly trained  Police Officers dedicated  to keeping   Hong Kong
and it's visitors safe .
With 44.45 million passengers and 3.58 million tons of cargo per year, it's a big job.
Hong Kong , the most densely populated city in the world,  Ranked in a 2006 Cato Institute report as, #1 for economic freedom, followed by Singapore. New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States tie for third.
Hong Kong also ranked first in “freedom to trade internationally” and second in “size of government,” “regulation of credit, labor and business” and “labor market regulations.”
Surprising since  in 1997 Hong Kong government changed hands from  UK, to Red China.

Hong Kong

2007 is the 30th year of Hong Kongs  ASU crack unit.


           Congratulations to the Administration  for a Great Police Force

Relentless Knives are  tough stuff, built to withstand extreme conditions.

just like the people who select them as their faithful companions.

Some men won't compromise  
Relentless People
Thanks for being a Great Customer

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