In an effort to offer my customers  a Top Quality product, I am honored to present Major Ian Humphrey, a customer, a soldier, a Leader of Men and in my opinion a Hero, as follows  


       By: Major Ian Humphrey

The New Relentless / Spec Ops Brand Sheath/Pouch 

How many times have you been frustrated with the lack of a decent sized pocket on your knife sheath? The new Relentless model sheath solves this problem by combining an X2 multi-purpose pouch with a kydex sheath to securely hold your tactical fixed blade knife. This combo will be available in multiple colors to suit your needs. This new pouch offers the same MOLLE compliant straps that allow the pouch to be secured to a variety of surfaces from vests to belts. There is also an ample section of Velcro on the pouch flap to adjust to different size loads, or to be securely held open for easy access.

I tested the new pouch on a MOLLE vest and found that it quickly and securely attached to the straps. The Relentless M1i fit snuggly in the kydex insert and road securely behind the pouch. Even with a fully loaded pouch, the knife had no problems fitting into the sheath. The main advantage to this new combo pouch is the saved space on your vest, etc. since you do not have to carry both a sheath and ammo pouch separately. Another advantage to this new combination is the fact that the knife is almost completely hidden behind the pouch. This could come in handy when you do not want to advertise a large tactical knife on your person. Besides holding two M16 30 round magazines, I was also able to fit a Garmin Etrex GPS, compact binoculars, GI issue angled flashlight, a ton of 550 cord, Willey-X goggles, pocket survival kit, etc. etc. inside this one pouch (not at the same time, of course!). 

In terms of dislikes, I would like to see a slightly larger version of the sheath to allow two M16 magazines with slip on pull tabs to be easily placed inside the pouch (with the current design, they fit but it is real snug). I would also like to see a plastic stiffener between the pouch and the kydex insert. This would help the pouch keep its shape and allow a better anchoring of the kydex insert (currently it is secured to the fabric, which allows a slight amount of movement of the liner). I would also like to see an adjustable handle strap for the pouch, like those found on the Spec Ops knife sheaths. This will allow many different sized knives to fit in the same pouch. Overall, I was very impressed with the new Relentless knife/pouch combination. For the first time you can receive a quality knife sheath that includes a large enough pouch to store a variety of useful accessories.


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