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 We will be presenting a Relentless knife to the Top USMA Cadet at West Point
       MAP III 2007    
It's Not over YET.....!  22 JAN 2008
Feb 26,2008 No Repley from Iraq...still waiting
The last batch of stuff is on it's way to a Military Police unit in Iraq. The M9 Bayonet from M9 Outfitters.....More Condor Axes, and Spec Ops Brand stuff.
Sorry this all took so long, as the glitches stuck with this years program and ended with a total computer crash.....But....not only was the program a BIG success, but it allowed us to start the 2008 program with  a few leftover dollars so watch the Enews for updates
as we will be asking for Troops to send us their Apo's . We have knives and Axes for you, and
will be sending them under the 2008 MAP banner.
Myself, Major Humphrey, Spec Op's Brand,  Lee Brewer, M9 Outfitters, Keith Crowder,Condor Tool, Don LLewellyn, Usn Forums,  and anyone else involved here want to THANK YOU soldiers for your service, and the Soldiers involed have sent letters and photos shown below to Thanks US for the support.
We can't all be in the troubled parts of the world were  you people are risking everything for U.S., but these programs and tokens of appreciation are actions to show you that we care about you, the job your doing for us .
So Watch this page  for the finals as there are a few more photo's  etc. to come.

Dan i got your package today thank you so much so far i have given out 2 of the knives i do plan on giving out the last one i just dont have some one to give it to yet the talon went to PFS Tsosie and the other knife went to PFC Waldrop they cant thank you enough for what you do and neather can i so i hope these pictures help and i want to say thank you well i got to get going Mark

Dan, I got the knife today, Thank You very much.
Great little kind of do everything type of knife.
First thing that popped into my head was it's kind of like a combat/hunter skinner.
I like it.
I will get some pictures taken soon. I will flying again in the next day or two, let me see what I can do.
I hope you and your family had a great and peaceful Christmas.
We had a pretty good one, had a secret Santa for everyone living in the hangar, had a put together meal with food and junk food that had been sent from our families.

We just got in some of our new unit patches, I will get one and put it away for you.

Again thank you, and .

Take care.


"Stewart, Erik V 1LT MIL USA FORSCOM"
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Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 02:22:31 GMT
Subject: MAP arrival

The box arrived on Christmas day. the guys
really liked the knives and the gear. I have some
pic that I need to compress so that I can send them
out. I will try to get them out in the next
three days.

Thanks again for all support.


thanks very much for your kind gifts. They arrived on Christmas Eve Mail Call & I handed them out to the most junior guys on Christmas morning. The men were very appreciative and wanted you to know how much your support means to all the men over here. In your special way you are helping to fight this War on Terror. Merry Christmas!!

SSG R. Mazur
A TRP 1-158 CAV
Camp Bucca, Iraq


Thought I would pass on that Josh's package
arrived today. The wife is wrapping it up to go
under the tree, we are celebrating Christmas late
this year. Once Josh gets home I will make sure
and get you a picture of him with the knife. Once
again thanks for the consideration of Josh and
all the support. Merry Christmas.


 Mccoy, Michael P SSG RES USAR USARC
Mr. Certo,
Thank you very much. The knife arrived, and its a
beautiful piece of work. I gave it to SPC McCall
and talk about surprised. It was given to him
for the dedication, loyalty and bravery he has
shown countless times during the past year. It made
me feel almost as good giving to him as he did
getting it. Ive attached a picture of the young
troop with the knife. I again thank you for your
generosity and dedication to us. Also, to the people
who assisted in making this gift happen. Its
support like you and the people who contributed who
can really say that they supported the troops.
From SPC McCall, my team, myself and those of us
here, I again only give you a heart felt thanks, and
a reminder that it wont be forgotten. Take care
and God bless you and yours.
SSG Mike McCoy

Mr Certo,

Thank you for sending me the knife. It will be a
great tool to have. I appreciate all that you
have done for me and the rest rest of the troops
here. If there is anything i can do for you just let
me know

Thank You,
SPC Adrian Mccal
18 DEC  2007

MAP stuff is in the mail

We Got Tomahawks instead of flashlites
Also Knives from Don Llewellyn

Out to the Troops by Christmas

.....NOV 6th 2007
Well the 2007 MAP program is now closed for donations.
We appreciate all who have contributed to this effort.
The Program is not over,  the fun part has just begun.
We are in the process of procuring  the additional
items that the proceeds of the knuckle knives  allowed.
We didn't get the G2 flash lites, as we hit an unexpected glitch in the supply chain.
No problem, there are lots of other things out there.
Our M2 Talon donations were also 1/2 of what we needed, but we still made the knives.
The only omission is in the handle area, cord wrapped rather then Micarta.
We did add camo parkerizing, so all in all ....Great.

SO. watch this page in the next few weeks.  There will be photo's of the additional stuff,
and  then news of  the mailing dates etc.
We need your help to get these guys some great the donate button below.
Send us a Soldier's name and picture from the front, we will feature him or her here.

We will be making custom military knives at 1/2 price for donation to the warriors shown
Send us a soldier, and pick a knife from the catalog, and make a donation of 1/2 the catalog price .(Note) we changed this to 12 M2 Talon knives see below).  We will make up to a dozen knives in this program, maybe more. Other gear that we can collect will be free of charge. Relentless knives will be donating 2 knives free of charge.  sheaths and more.
Watch the MAP page for updates. All donations will be greatly appreciated,
you need not donate a complete knife. All donations and a running tab  will be posted there and all donators of gear etc.
 NOTE: This program is not part of any
non profit org. and no donations are tax deductible.
It's just people showing our appreciation to the brave men and women
protecting our country.

for complete up to date developments

Sincere Thanks to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Americans have been challenged, and the onslaught continues.
During these times, we feel it important to do what little we can to show our support for the people sacrificing so much for the USA.
We know you love your country and our way of life.
We support your mission, and believe in your dedication to freedom.
Thanks  to You, and Thanks to all that help us to show our appreciation.

          the photos and storys below were sent in by soldiers, who nominated other soldiers for the program
82nd AirBorne Division Medic
Served over 1 year in Iraq at Camp Taji with the 3rd Infantry Division 2005-2006.
SPC Thompson participated in numerous combat operations.  On his current tour in the war on terror, SPC Thompson serves as a member of a medical  clinic at the only US Army base in the center of Kabul City, Afghanistan,  His duties, include patrols, convoys, and cordon and search ops as a medic     
In one mission in Iraq, SPC Thompson moved under intense direct fire to recover wounded soldiers who were ambushed during a mechanized infantry vehicle convoy.  In the same attack, he also stayed on the battlefield to recover wounded local Iraqi citizens,  including children.
SPC Thompson will return home to Fort Bragg in February of 2008, where his new wife and new child will be waiting for him.

SPC Thompson we salute you.. and Thank you for your service.
Brewer Knife above, on it's way to Afghanistan.   UPDATE:
Knife received in Afhg.


United States InfantryCSTC-A/TOPE
Major “Syd” Hills has served in the military for over 12 years.  
He is a West Point graduate and Infantry Officer.
MAJ Hills volunteered for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
He has been integral part of their new Military Academy fashioned after our own USMA. 
Duties have included planning and conducting military training, Officer
development, and tactics and training development. 
 Exclusive Training exercises on how to do a quick fire for killing enemy at close range.
reserved for only Afghan Commandos and his cadets. Training Cadets in
extreme mountain conditions etc, strengthen the leadership skills the future Afghan Army officers at the direction of Major Hills.
MAJ Hills also has lead numerous humanitarian relief convoys throughout Afghanistan.
Major  Hills we salute you.. and Thank you for your service.

He was so kind to send me a return Thank You Sir

                                                                                                          27 MAY 2007
                                                                  Presented by: Major Ian Humphrey on behalf of Relentless Knives USA                                                                           
Cadet James Ryan Schubert came to West Point from Miami, Florida with an nomination by Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart. At West Point, he was a proud member of Company E-2, the crew team, Brew Dawg Sandhurst, and Brew Dawg Biathlon. Developmental positions Cadet Schubert has held at the academy are company First Sergeant, company Physical Developmental Officer, and regimental Physical Development Officer. Upon graduation, Cadet Schubert will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the infantry and will be assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

LT. Erik Stewart.
Thanks for the photo and letter from this soldier  
Erik is risking  all to keep the bad guys in check.
Thanks Soldier ........!
"Pick three of your best buddys, and send us their photos and APO's if you will.
We realize that the bits of gear that we will send ain't much, but we support you, we realize why your there and we wish you all the best.
God Bless You and God Bless the Republic"

I am including a picture of three
of my
 soldiers in the following email's as requested. They are
 hard working guys. All three are Combat Engineers.
McCluskey is a
 gunner as is Egbert, and Chasinghawk is a Driver in our
Route Clearance Platoon here in Afghanistan.
 080107.......M2 TALON and Spec Ops Brand Super Sheath Sent.......!
Stuff Received.....WAITING for PHOTO....! OCT 6th 2007

  Combat engineer Egbert
Egbert a Combat engineer and gunner  who works for LT. Stewart above, was wounded
an Ambush in mid
April but healed up well and continues

to fight.


Egbert:Thank You for Your service, We salute you sir.

Combat engineer McCluskey

 McCluskey was a gunner during that same ambush and quite
possibly  saved the lives of three other wounded soldiers and kept
vehicles  from being destroyed with his suppressive fires. He held
the enemy  back for three hours. Each time they would mass in the
poppy  fields he would hit them and break them up.
 McCluskey is one hell  of a soldier.

McCluskey: Thank You for Your service, We salute you sir.

 Combat engineer Chasinghawk

Chasinghawk has been in OIF I and OIF III
and now here in Afghanistan, He survived a massive IED attack in
OIF III while gunning on a vehicle, all other men in the vehicle
were killed or severely wounded.

Chasinghawk:Thank You for Your service, We salute you sir.

 2007.......NEWS......We have added another soldier to the list.
CPL. Chris Massey........Chris was wounded in Iraq and we are waiting to hear from his parents. Chis is alive and well and now back in the USA...more news soon.
Thank You for your service Sir.

2007.......NEWS......We have added another soldier to the list.

                               Staff Sgt  Mark Ward
    Ctrp 1-71 Cav 1st brigade 10th Mountain Division
                             SSgt Ward is a 3 tour Combat Vet and on his way to #4

                     Thank You for your service Sir.


2007.......NEWS......We have added another soldier to the list.

Cav Scout 
Josh Murray currently serving with D Troop 1-82 Field Artillery which is attached to 2-7 (Gery Owen) Cav.

                    Thank You ALL for your service

    2007.......NEWS......We have added another soldier to the list.

                                                           USAF   SGT Jason David

Thank You for your service Sir.

   2007.......NEWS......We have added another soldier to the list.

USAF   SGT Charles Greene