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Relentless Knives USA Support Our Troops
Thanks to all who helped, and Thanks to the Troops for their service.
2008 MAP PROGRAM Successfully Closed

Nov 30,2008 Photos received
OCT 25 08 Still waiting for a few more photos of stuff received

09 SEPT 2008
MAP knives are in the mail to the 25th Infantry Div. Iraq.
Total 23 knives sent to the Troops in Iraq


Contact us        15 August 2008     Contact us
We are still waiting for a few more donations.
If you have knives for the Troops, Please contact us. Your donation will be photographed and posted here.
When received in Iraq the soldiers will return photos of your donation received.
Remember....These people are dying for YOU.
Send them a token of your appreciation.
             1 August 2008
This Years MAP program is almost complete.
If you have anything to send to the Troops please contact us without delay.
Operation Ward 57
Watch this page for shipping date and photos from the troops  Please help our wounded soldiers.  Buy a Ward 57  T shirt
Warm Thanks to Don  from DL KNIVES, and Bruce from Red Hill Sheaths  for their Generous  Donations,
shown below..

JULY 4th 2008
The Relentless MAP knives are complete.........!
      7 handmade knives for the 25th Infantry div  We are not done yet.....another donor has pledged 3 handmade watch this page.
 Also, from an un named donor
Five factory knives

Thank You Sir
And left over from last years program
and donated from the good people at USN forums

S&W Homeland Security,Cold Steel Recon Tanto S&W Boot and more Five Condor Throwing Axes
June 7 2008 UPDATE 

 We have received a bunch of Great photo's from the field, and the soldiers of the 25th Infantry Div.
  SSG Charles Grigley, calls in a medivac.
They are working hard to protect us.
PLEASE CONTACT US and send them a few more knives.
To date, we have 7 Handmade knives in the works, and 75% finished.
I had planned photo's for the JUNE issue of the E news, but they are not done yet, so just a bit longer. I hope to have them complete in the coming few weeks. Probably sooner.
Photos will appear here soon.
To our readers.
WE could use some help.
We also have received 6 other knives from contributers, and they are here and  about ready to go. I'm sending them all at once.  watch for photos.Also, we have 5 Tomahawks. So....all is running on schedule, as the program usually takes about 6 months.
WE could use a little help now. Last year there were many generous individuals.....and we realize that the price of GaS has pinched many, but really, these guys and girls are risking their all for us.
So please contact me and send some knives, or other gear.
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25th Infantry
About the Soldiers
If you follow the Relentless knives E news, you know that we published a call for photo's etc and we got 
quick reply from a good SSG and his group of Snipers in Iraq.
Thank You for your Marksmanship Skills

I am at Camp Taji Iraq currently, but I rotate out of there weekly. I spend allot of time outside the wire and I tend to use my knife, which is getting dull, allot. I share a room with the company Snipers, who would love some knives, since they are always cutting things to make ghillie suits. I like the variety of knives you have and a mix would be good, and I promise we will send, some good pictures of us using them. I am very appreciative of your support, I wish everyone in America would do their part, but then there wouldn't be a difference between an American, and a Great American. Keep up the great work! Sincerely SSG Grigley, Charles R US Army

These men were good enough to send us some photo's,  a requirement of these programs.

The photo's are  to show who ever might view these pages, that Our Boys and Girls are
out there risking their lives to make the world a freer, better place to live.
25th Infantry at work
In the coming months, we will be handcrafting  some top quality
Military Combat knives for these Brave American  soldiers.
Watch this page, and the E news
to see the knives progress, and finally to see the soldiers receive them.

We will also be writing letters to the wonderful people who have helped in previous programs, asking for gear and other items to extend this effort.
If you have knives or gear that would be useful to these, and other soldiers who might reply, please use the contact buttons on this sight to get in touch with us. We will  insure that the stuff gets to the soldiers, and that they send photo's of themselves in appreciation.

On Patrol
Remember, this is not charity, the enemy is blowing themselves up for their cause. They believe in what they are doing, and are training their children to do the same.
Anything you might do here, are shots fired in the cause of freedom. Thanks to the Troops, and Thanks in advance to Americans who will follow through with support for the soldiers.
25th Infantry working for YOU.

MAP 2008
Supporting Our Troops, Year 4 .
Again I have committed to making
7 or more handmade knives for American
soldiers Deployed in war zones.
Keep in mind this is not a gift or charity. Our efforts in this matter will directly result in  American Soldiers , who have proved  merit and commitment, to receive an award  of appreciation directly from us, the American people. Success large or small followed by honest hardy recognition for the same leads to more success.

So...."Let's Roll"! and Thanks!

Dan Certo
Victory to  the American Soldier
God Bless the Republic!

Last Years Program
Again, Thanks to everyone involved in the 2007 MAP program.
It was a successful program, and due to the generosity of many, we can start the 2008 program with 7 handmade knives, paid in full at below cost, and 6 axes. This does not mean that we don't want or need YOUR help.
It simply means that  after distributing handmade knives from myself and other makers, and  lots of other assorted gear, the year 2007 we are carrying over the residuals to the 2008 program with sincere thanks to last years participants. One thing the 2007 program lacked, and, which caused a bit of confusion, was  a soldier in charge to receive and distribute  the support in the field.  (2008 program  has been adjusted for that)
Although everything worked out OK,  the lack of it made the program  longer than past programs,  and resulted in failure to properly thank the donors.
We do ask that if you are a soldier, and you receive or support, you will send us a photo to put on these pages in thanks.

About the War
People who would do the
deed illustrated below must be stopped.

Not Fun

We hardily applaud the Brave Americans who are
taking care of  business in this matter .Bye Bye Bad Guy
We believe that all men are created equal,  with the God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Those who disagree and show it by murdering innocent American people are simply wrong. Their actions change them from wonderful illustrations of diversity, to monsters who have the earned the
right to be exterminated.
 It's not a new idea and for those who love freedom the
fight simply continues.
                                 Remember the 300 Spartans
300 Spartans

WATCH this page and the Enews
for more on this program

If your a deployed soldier, press the contact link. We will do all we can to include you in our program.
 2008 UPDATE at the top of the page.
Operation Ward 57
Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington DC is the first stop for many of America's returning wounded service members from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Known as "the amputee ward", the orthopedic Ward 57 at WRAMC houses some of the most severely injured patients for weeks or even months. The painful sacrifice of losing one or more limbs is the new battle these service members and their families now fight.

Operation Ward 57 was started to have a direct way for individuals and companies to show their support and raise funds for these courageous men and women who have given so much.
The program is run through pro-football player Kerry Carter's THINK BIG FOUNDATION, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Tax ID: 20-196-2446, in partnership with Atmosphere Artist Management LLC.  This is a grass-roots, volunteer effort. Each person who buys a T-shirt, not only shows their support, but directly contributes to items for the Ward, patients, family members and staff.
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If your a company or an individual who wants to show your support, and join this effort please

Dan Certo
All information is protected by U.S. Copyright, Trademark and Patent laws.
The opinions expressed here are mine alone and not the official opinion of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or United States Government.
Thanks Again
Dan Certo
Adults (18-64)