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The 2010 MAP PROGRAM will start in Feb  2010
Donations are now being accepted for that program.

Relentless Knives USA Support Our Troops
Thanks to all who helped, and Thanks to the Troops for their service.
2009 MAP PROGRAM Successfully Closed

I received my Interceptor knife about 4 days ago from you and I am thoroughly impressed by the fact that I got this beautiful knife for free!  I'm not good at winning things and don't get handed many door prizes, so I have to sincerely thank you for what you did for me and what you do for the US Soldiers serving their country.  It is truly people like you that make serving a pleasure and not just a really shitty job.  As promised, here is a picture of me and my new knife.  Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in return.


MSG Michael Sweeney
Sgt Sweeny: Hi....I was  never a soldier, but was a cop  and spent the last 10 on the warrant squad arresting people every day...all day.
So, I know a little bit about what you people are faced with, and,  I certainly appreciate not having that riff raff in my front yard.
The knives are nothing compared to one second of the risks you face, but, it's all I can do, and Many Great American citizens have helped me to just say  Thanks Fella's we appreciate it.
Your knife will be in the mail this week. I do need a photo back to show the donators and those who will help in the future, that I am doing  my job in this.
Finally Thanks for the  Thanks....and know this....I support the troops for selfish  reasons.....those  being FREEDOM!
Our country was started through Great sacrifice with one idea. That men were made to be FREE. That no man has the right to take a life without due cause, or enslave a person or  population by force. American soldiers have fought and died all over the planet.....yet never without due cause  and never against the principles stated above. I am so very proud of this.......and  of you soldiers.
Several in my family died for that idea, as did your brothers in arms.....sad ...yes, but the tree of liberty has grown from their blood. I know you know this....but take every opportunity to repeat it. Never give up on freedom. Not while you are a soldier.....not when you are 99 years old.
It is a true and precious gift from God, and has made the USA the greatest country the earth has ever known.Not an Empire of Tyrants.....just a whole lot of great people who appreciate humanity and understand that it's freedom that allows men to grow.
Certainly there will always be bad guys, and they do keep cops, soldiers and weapons makers in business....LOL  But they have to be kept in check or  we are all
That's it....I'll get down from my soap box
Thanks also for participating in our program.
Your photos will result in it's continuance and  put a smile on the face of the next soldier.
Stay Safe.
Out for Now
Dan Certo
CWO TONY R ULEP, Your knife is on the way and Thanks for Your service Sir.

We are Proud to announce the first member of the
as part of the MAP program.
Thanks for Your service Sir and for the Great photos.

SGT Sweeney, Your knife is on the way and Thanks  for Your service Sir.
THANKS TO SGT  MIKE SYTSNA Currently Serving in Iraq
The Email below, was received from the Mom of the soldier  in  the photo  above.
THANK YOU and your family for protecting our freedom.
Also thanks  to the people who have donated and make this program possible.

From: Rubye Sytsma       October 15, 2009
I want to personally thank you for providing these knives to our service men and women.  My beloved first-born Son is currently on his 3rd deployment in Iraq. He sent me your website address and also a picture of him and the knife you sent him.  My deepest gratitude goes out to your company for helping to keep hope alive in  our troops.
His dad is gonna be so envious when I show him the picture.  I have printed all 3 of the pictures Michael sent me of him and the knife you sent him.  These pictures will go into my Military scrapbook which now has 3 generations of my family members in it.
God Bless You!
excerpts from:
Men Who Answered The “Why?”
BY:  Resa LaRu Kirkland
***This article was originally written at the behest of MoH recipient Gen. Raymond Davis, USMC ret., in 2001***
"Is the soldier man at his most base animal or most spiritual God?  Is it the monster coming out in us, or the Deity weaving its way in?  This is what I see when I look into the eyes of our warrior brethren.  Thrown into the most horrifying concoction of man’s inhumanity to man, it is the fact that these mortals are capable of such unselfish, beautiful acts of humanity—no, Divinity—that reaches the heart and soul of those left behind in a dust-cloud of wonder.  Of all God’s children, surely He must relate to and glory over the American soldier. 
Greatest of all warriors on earth, the American soldier is capable of fighting fiercely, loving gently, living nobly, and forgiving totally.  These are not the war-mongers that feminists and Hollywood have tried desperately to portray; these are gentle, loving creatures who want nothing more than to be free to go on living and loving.  It is this desire that enables our brothers to choose to step out of their own selfish tendencies on behalf of another. 

Whether it requires dying for a friend or living with the memories, the order of the day for the American soldier is and always has been that of sacrifice.  For them, “life, fortune, and sacred honor” are not mere words.  
No one has to tell them why."
Relentless Knives USA Support Our Troops
THANKS TO PFC HANS MOSHER Currently Serving in Iraq
Your knife is on the way and  Thanks  for Your service sir.
THANKS TO SGT MIKE  SYTMSA Currently Serving in Iraq
Your knife is on the way and  Thanks  for Your service sir.
Special THANKS to Sgt Anthony Trout ......Iraq War veteran and  most recently in Kosovo
Your knife is on the way and  Thanks  for Your service sir.

to the Soldiers, SGT Ray will be coming home, so we  closed  donations for that part of the program
unfortunately no donations were received anyhow.But we still have some knives here for you, and I will make  as many more as I can without donations. So keep an eye on this page while you  are deployed, and write to  us with your photos.

SGT Jason Ray Thank You for Your Service,  Great photos., and furtherance of  this program

ALSO THANK YOU  GREAT AMERICANS  who HAVE SENT US  KNIVES FOR  THE TROOPS and in a low point in the history of  our great country have  not faltered  or  forgotten our sons and daughters risking their lives  for  U.S.
SEPT 2009  3 more knives  sent to Iraq for Military Police  K9 Unit in care of Sgt. Jason Ray
Please return photos of knives  received.

American Soldiers

GOD Bless
You and Keep You.
to  the

 Dan: I
would just like to thank you in advance for everything that you’ve done, not
only for me, but for all the soldiers that you have helped.  It really means
a lot to us.  And as I've said before, when the time comes and you need it,
you really appreciate the value of a good knife.  Thanks again
Sgt Jason Ray
Sgt Ray......No problem here, and  the Thanks goes to You,  your  men,  and dogs, and to the great people who know
how difficult it can be to face not only the danger,  but sometimes large amounts of time were better things could be done.
I personally figure that you  people are stopping me from  having to deal with terrorists in my front yard...LOL
More,   THANKS to the Great people who have helped make these programs work by donating money and knives etc.

Sgt. Mark A. Perez
Thanks for Your Service
4 Tomahawk Neck knives and one United Ranger knife
sent to Iraq.
Thanks for Your service Sir and for the Great photos.
We are Proud to announce the first member of the
 U.S. Navy
as part of the MAP program.
Scott Senay
29 JULY 2009

 Mr. Mark Gorman

K9 Training in Iraq     Military Police in Iraq
SEPT 2009
Donations for 2009 MAP program are  now closed.
THANK YOU for all who have helped us.
We will still be sending knives to Troops who put in a request until the knives are gone.
The 2010 MAP PROGRAM will start in Feb  2010
Donations are now being accepted for that program.

27 July:2009
Thank You Sgt Jason Ray for the photos.
Don Llewellyn knife and Bruce Good sheath

are in the mail to you.
Also, since the American economy has been lagging a bit,
we need some help from our readers.
The handmade knives pictured below  were made  and being sent
by myself, and
Don Llewellyn.
The factory  sheath knives were donated by one man who wishes to remain un named, and the pocket knives were received by me as  part of a knife
deal. I'm telling you this specifically to let you know that we  have  done this much  thus  far without asking for much in the way of donations.
Sgt Ray has requested some knives for his men, and I will make up to 6
M1 MAP knives at 1/2 price for these soldiers if anyone is willing to help.
this is above and  beyond  the knives seen below that have already been  made, and (factory knives donated)  which are being sent out to deployed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
To make a donation, simply use the  Paypal button on the catalog page and mark your  payment MAP donation.
We will list the donations here, and make the knives a.s.a.p.
Please note that your donations are  not  tax deductible, and this programs is just an effort to  show these men and women that we are  behind them 100 %.
Also, there are no administration costs, and your donation simply pays for the materials and time expended in making the soldiers  knives that they can stake their lives on.
Each  Relentless knife is completely handmade by me in my shop.
We do ask the soldiers to send  photos of them at work, and photos of  them receiving their knives.
the  photos are used for this page and the Enews.
and are an illustration of  what the Troops are doing for US.

In times like these, with  any number  of important issues happening in the USA, it is too often that our soldiers  are  forgotten.
so,  PLEASE help us in  this effort.

Thanks in Advance
Dan  Certo
Note: If your a deployed American military person,
send in your request, with photos of you at work.
Include your current APO address.
We can't fill all of  the requests, but will do our best .
NOTE: Due to American Law, we can not send  gifts to military personnel valued at over $20.USD.
So we are not sending you gifts but trading knives for photos. photos knives.
Also, the photos must be taken by the person
sending them.
All photos become the property of me.
Dan Certo, and are simply used to promote the program.
Thank You for Your Service
Note further, that the program moves as quickly as possible, but I cannot know the movements of Troops etc.So, if you are the guy sending photos
and get sent home, I will do my best to see you get your knife, but
can not say more than that, as the program  is for troops in war zones.

GOD Bless You and Keep You.
note:if your offended by my reference to GOD....simply ignore it. He is one of the good guys, and completely understands you.

27 July:2009
M9K is in the  mail to Sgt. Jonathan Eldridge
Thank you sir for your service to our country and  participation in the program.
Have a safe trip home.

3 MAP Knives Complete

MORE in the Works

JUNE 2009
Seven Pocket knives sent to Iraq

Thank you very much for the gift knives.  Most of the Mungadai were outfitted with the additional knives sent to Jeff Meeks.  We are using these new knives as awards for outstanding performance by our Iraqi National Police brethren.  While most INP's are not exactly cast from the mold labeled "warrior," we've got some guys that go above and beyond everyday in trying to accomplish the mission.  Usually, all we can manage to give out as recognition for "above and beyond" duty performance is some certificates printed up via powerpoint.  The guys who earn (what are now going to be called) the National Police Blades of Excellence will serve as an example to their more lackluster compatriots and help spur them on to more zealous duty performance.
American Soldiers
Protecting Your Freedom

"I,  do solemnly swear  that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

Victory to the American Soldier!
God Bless the Republic!

Please HELP  US to
show these Brave Americans we
appreciate their work.
Five GOOD reasons to Support Our Troops
Thanks to Don Llewellyn and Bruce Good for their  help. Three Top quality Custom knives and sheaths for the Troops
Photos of Handmade Relentless Knives in production for the Soldiers coming soon.
If your a deployed Troop
hoping for one of these knives, please be patient.
We are working on it.
U.S. Deployed Military
Send us photos of you at work.

If you like the job the American Military is doing for U.S.
and you want to join in this program.
we will give instructions for sending gear or money to buy more knives.
More info soon.
Watch this page.

Thanks to SGT Jonathan Eldridge
for this Great Photo

Victory to  the American Soldier
God Bless the Republic!

Last Years Program

Again, Thanks to everyone involved in the 2008 MAP program.
It was a successful program, due to the generosity of many, we sent  23 items which included & handmade Relentless Knives 3 Handmade DL
knives and more.
We do ask that if you are a soldier, and you receive  support, you will send us a photo to put on these pages in thanks.

Different than previous years we will attempt to
send the knives a bit at a time in order to get more photos back.
So if your deployed and you get knives, make sure you return photos of the stuff received

MAP 2009
Supporting Our Troops,
Year Five

In the coming months, we will be handcrafting  some top quality
Military Combat knives for these Brave American  soldiers.
Watch this page, and the E news
to see the knives progress, and finally to see the soldiers receive them.

We will also be writing letters to the wonderful people who have helped in previous programs, asking for gear and other items to extend this effort.
If you have knives or gear that would be useful to these, and other soldiers who might reply, please use the contact buttons on this sight to get in touch with us. We will  insure that the stuff gets to the soldiers, and hope that they send photo's of themselves in appreciation.

Remember, this is not charity, the enemy is blowing themselves up for their cause. They believe in what they are doing, and are training their children to do the same.
Anything you might do here, are shots fired in the cause of freedom. Thanks to the Troops, and Thanks in advance to Americans who will follow through with 
support for the soldiers.
Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation
If your about to leave the Military  the below may be helpful
Copyright 2008-2009. Advancement of Military in Media Organization. All rights reserved.        

The AMMO Group is an Organization comprised of military men and women from ALL branches of service, brought together for their love of film and multimedia.

Within these pages we have assembled:

- TV and Film Technical Advisers
- Script Consultants
- Actors
- Models
- Stunt  Men and Women
- Mo-Cap Artists for Video Games
- Weapons Trainers
- Actor Trainers
- Jet Pilots
- Tank Drivers
- Military Truck Drivers
- Military Writers
- ADR Professionals
- Camera Operators
- Editors

It is our intention to prove that Military Veterans are not just men and women out of uniform, they are also the Film industries greatest untapped resource!

We are always looking for new members!  To set up an interview please email:

The AMMO Group
468 N. Camden Dr. Suite # 338
Beverly Hills, CA


Founded by Jon Barton  in 2008,  the Advancement of Military in Media Organization  is, in essence, a networking organization helping military men and woman transition into the film,, television, and video game industry.

Our goal is to create awareness within Hollywood, that  former Military men and woman are a viable resource to all aspects of the entertainment industry.


-Monthly Member networking events at our office in Beverly Hills email address and on line events calendar access

-Networking internally with other military professionals  working on projects

-Invitations to our Christmas Party and Summer BBQ

-Guest Speakers looking to hire military personnel for film projects

-Military training courses to refresh skills or learn new ones

-Weapons Training courses

-Acting Classes / Writing Classes / Directing Classes / Producing Classes

-Internships with working industry professionals

-Job placement opportunities

-Opportunities to join SAG, AFTRA, DGA, WGA, and PGA

-Professional guidance and career goal focusing

-Opportunities to work on AMMO produced  projects in front of, and behind the camera

-Access to special events and screenings not open to the public

-Writing Contests

-Short film fund raisers

-Discounts on Tactical Gear from COBRA TACTICAL

-Other incentives as more members come on line.

04 March 2009
7 MAP knives are in the mail to the Knights Raid Brigade. Iraq.
25th Infantry
Contact us             Contact us
Operation Ward 57
Watch this page for shipping date and photos from the troops  Please help our wounded soldiers.  Buy a Ward 57  T shirt

From an un named donor
SIX factory knives

Thank You Sir


Knives and more not pictured
procured from Jeff Knox

Thank You Sir

Operation Ward 57
Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington DC is the first stop for many of America's returning wounded service members from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Known as "the amputee ward", the orthopedic Ward 57 at WRAMC houses some of the most severely injured patients for weeks or even months. The painful sacrifice of losing one or more limbs is the new battle these service members and their families now fight.

Operation Ward 57 was started to have a direct way for individuals and companies to show their support and raise funds for these courageous men and women who have given so much.
The program is run through pro-football player Kerry Carter's THINK BIG FOUNDATION, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Tax ID: 20-196-2446, in partnership with Atmosphere Artist Management LLC.  This is a grass-roots, volunteer effort. Each person who buys a T-shirt, not only shows their support, but directly contributes to items for the Ward, patients, family members and staff.
Support Our Troops Support Our Troops 3 Support Our Troops 2 Support Our Troops 1 Relentless Knives USA Web site
If your a company or an individual who wants to show your support, and join this effort please

Dan Certo
All information is protected by U.S. Copyright, Trademark and Patent laws.
The opinions expressed here are mine alone and not the official opinion of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or United States Government.
Thanks Again
Dan Certo