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Relemtless Knives M4 Trailhound

Relemtless Knives M4 Trailhound

Relemtless Knives M4 Trailhound

Relemtless Knives M4 Trailhound

Relemtless Knives M4 Trailhound

Relemtless Knives M4 Trailhound

Survival Knife

Handmade Combat Knife

Handmade Combat Knife

Handmade Combat Knife

Built to withstand Extreme Conditions

   Knife Test or Evaluation
by: Capt Ian Humphrey

M4 Trailhound

A Big Knife for the Big Tasks

by: Capt Ian Humphrey

M4 Trailhound: A Big Knife for the Big Tasks

    Dan Certo's M4 Trailhound is a serious knife built to withstand extreme conditions.  Current owners include Alaska bush pilots, hunters, and active duty Soldiers serving in harms way.  Based on my testing and evaluation, I feel that all of these individuals have made a smart decision to trust their lives with Relentless Knives.

First Impressions

    When I first handled the Trailhound, my immediate impression was that this is one massive knife.  The Trailhound is a heavy/overbuilt design that is obviously designed to be a hard use knife.  The included leather sheath is a perfect complement to the knife since it is also extremely rugged and built to last.  The knife/sheath combo is rock solid with no rattle or fear of loosing the knife.  The sheath comes with a TekLok fastener that allows for easy on/off for your belt, web gear, etc.  The sheath also has a large external pocket that is perfect for storing a small survival kit, sharpening stone, accessory knife, etc.  The handle is very large and will accommodate the largest of hands.  The rough finish micarta handle slabs are securely fastened to the handle and feature an attractive custom touch with red spacers.  Another nice custom touch are the rounded edges along the bottom of the handle that aids in handle comfort.  The Trailhound also comes with a short section of serrations along the spine to aid in cutting different materials.

    My first test is always the paper test to get a feel for how the knife cuts and how sharp it arrives to the customer.  The M4 Trailhounds heavy weight and good blade geometry made cutting long clean cuts look easy.  The reinforced point also cut cleanly into the paper and cut extremely well.  Next I tried the knife on 550 parachute cord.  This reinforced nylon cord can usually separate average knives from the real cutters.  The Trailhound definitely fell into the latter category by easily cutting through four strands of 550 cord at once (I started with one strand and worked my way up...stopping at four to conserve cord).  The serrations along the spine were also able to cut a single strand of 550 cord, although the handle design did not make it comfortable to hold the knife in this manner for a long time.  Heavy duty cardboard was my next cutting medium, and the Trailhound continued to perform like a cutting machine.  Even the small serrations had no problem sawing through the cardboard.  Since this knife is a chopper, I wanted to test it on some small trees to see how it performed.  The heavy blade and large handle allowed me to easily chop my way through a three-inch diameter tree.  While the rough finish canvas micarta gripped the hand well, wearing a leather glove greatly aided in handle comfort while doing heavy chopping.  Once the tree was cut down, I used another stick to act like a baton to drive the knife into the wood.  This method is far more effective for cutting a large amount of wood, and the Trailhound continued to perform well in this area.  When I returned home that night I tried the paper test again and was impressed that the blade did not appear to dull despite the hard use.  
    I had a unique opportunity to take the Trailhound into the field for a week and really get to put the knife through its paces.  I wanted to perform some tests that the average Soldier or outdoorsman may face on a daily basis.  These tests center around hard use like cutting, chopping, and prying different materials.  In every case the Trailhound proved to be a faithful companion that eagerly attacked anything I tried.  I tested the blades fine cutting ability by cutting down a branch and carving tent stakes and fuzz sticks with the knife.  Despite the large size of the Trailhound, the thoughtful design of the handle allows the user to choke up on the knife and comfortably carve stakes and fuzz sticks with ease.  The serrations were also used to saw through small branches and to quickly make fuzz sticks out of branches.  I decided to really test the strength of the blade by cutting through an old wire fence I found in the woods.  There was nothing around the fence that I could use to leverage the blade against the wire, so I decided to simply hack my way through the wire.  I was really impressed with the cutting power of the Trailhound.  In a few simple chops, the wire was cleanly cut with only a few minor dings along the blade edge.  I also wanted to test the strength of the handle and used sticks and small rocks to pound the knife into various materials.  The thick handle and extended tang made pounding the knife a breeze.  Despite the pounding into different materials, no damage appeared on the point or handle.  The last test I did was prying.  I found an old abandoned structure and used the Trailhound to pry the walls apart.  By using a rock to drive the Trailhound into the wooden side, I was able to provide enough leverage to the knife to pry open the wall (with no damage to the knife).  When I returned from the field I tried the paper test for a third time.  While the blade did not cut as well as it first did, it still effectively cut through the paper.  After about 20 minutes of re-sharpening the Trailhound was once again ready for action.

    While I prefer kydex sheaths for my field knives, the Trailhounds thick leather sheath proved to be a quality sheath that performed well in the field.  The TekLok attachment made taking the knife on and off my gear easy.  Although the knife and sheath make a large package, it was not uncomfortable to wear and blended in well with my other equipment.  I even found that the leather sheath began to mold itself to my leg.  The knife fits perfectly into the sheath with no noise problems or rattling around.  While the sheath securely holds the knife, there is also an additional strap that goes around the handle to ensure you don't loose your knife.

    My biggest concern with the Trailhound was the short handle slabs.  After a lot of heavy duty chopping, my hand became very sore even while wearing gloves.  If the micarta pieces extended down the entire length of the handle, and were rounded, the knife would be more comfortable for cutting chores.  I would also like to see a longer section of serrations along the top of the blade.  While the serrations cut well, another inch or so would make them more useful.  

Last Impressions
    When I first handled the M4 Trailhound I was afraid that this was too large a knife to be carrying around the woods for a long time.  After some extensive testing, I realized that the cutting and chopping ability of this knife would make the extra weight acceptable when the mission calls for extreme situations when you don't want to run the risk of your equipment failing.  No matter what job you have, the M4 Trailhound will Relentlessly perform.

M2 Talon M4 Trailhound M1 Mini
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Thanks Capt . Humphrey

Ian's tests and reviews  are the result of alot of hard work on his part. The results
 give You a bit of insite on the knife, and help me to offer you products worthy of the name RELENTLESS KNIVES


Take it with you on your next adventure. It's built to withstand extreme conditions, and waiting to become your faithful companion.

Thankss for Your interest

Dan Certo

Also remember to send photos of your adventures for our "ABOUTYOU" webpages.

Relemtless Knives M4 Trailhound

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