When Failure is NOT an option
You'll need a knife made to endure Brutally Extreme conditions. and keep on going. Most fixed blade knives won't help you pry open doors of a burning vehicle or building or break thick glass without destroying the knife.

Relentless knives are designed and built to give you advantages
in situations beyond every day use.

Welcome to Relentless Knives Website

When failure is not an option, equipment that won't fail is your only option.

Handmade, Tactical, Survival, Combat Utility knives, built to withstand extreme conditions.
Handmade by Daniel M. Certo. Custom Tactical knives made from  the toughest  steels coupled with specialized heat treatment and grind
creates a knife with durability far beyond your expectations. Knives  tested and used by individual Military, Law enforcement, Adventurers, Outdoors men, Farmers, Hikers, Campers etc. worldwide

STOCK on every Relentless Knife
Highly durable steels
Exotic heat treatment
Trade marked tri a symmetrical  grind
break resistance
Exceptional edge retention
Strong sharp point.
Giving you unequaled functional reliability.

Law Enforcement and Military
Descreet, Compact, Rapid Deployment , Entry Capability

Large or small, reliable  tactical knives can be the key difference in daily unpredictable situations.

Include a Relentless Knife in your  gear. Walk in the park, day hike or climbing Mt Everest.  Your Relentless knife will not let you down.

Browse my catalog and place your order, or check out the available knives page for
ready to ship knives.

Custom Shop
Your design or mine, your special knife can be a reality.
You can Customize existing models, or we can work together to build the knife of your dreams.

Want MORE!
Check out the link, for
HOT Enhancement which is the ultimate combination of hand forging,  thermo cycling and cryogenics
rendering an already industrial strength knife into a super knife.
Reserved for the most demanding.
Build cities in the jungle with their knife as their only tool.

Relentless Knives in HOLLYWOOD

Proud to say the Relentless M4X  was chosen out of 30 knives
to be the Official knife of  the Punisher
and appeared in the 2008 Lions gate
movie  "Punisher War Zone"
The first 5 minutes of the film
deticated to the knife.

All of my Relentless models are Zone Tempered, a process used by Japanese Samurai sword makers for thousands of years, results in a super strong blade, with spring temper in the core and 58rc hardness on the cutting edge. This gives you a knife that resists breakage even with the application of great lateral forces,that will hold an edge well, and resharpen easily. You get, superior strength and durability and heavy last ditch personal protection in a handy all around utility knife that you will love.

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