Knives with an attitude

Available non coated finishes


In order to get the strongest knife available I use a combination of special heat treatments, a tri a symmetrical grind, and a steel selection that resists breakage and allows the
knife to be exceptionally strong without being forged.
Then, if that's not enough, I offer a hot enhancement option, that includes everything humanly possible to make your knife almost unbreakable.
Hot Enhancement +$225.00 = Hand Forged,
Triple Thermo Quenched, Cryogenic Freeze,
Triple tempered....Hot enhancement turns an
industrial strength tool into a super knife enhancing
the breakage resistance and edge holding x 4
These enhancements are for the most demanding users.
In practicality you won't need them but they are available and can be applied to any of the steels.


How to Order:   Cataloged Relentless knives
RELENTLESS knives that are listed in the catalog are readily available with 16 week wait time.
To place your order, simply note the model you want. then select the steel, blade finish and handle color. Then press the BUY BUTTON  on the


If you want to Customize cataloged models with different blade lengths,  Hot Enhancment,handle material Custom etching etc.
you can use the buttons below.
Just type in after contacting me for a quote

This will bring up a Payment form. You can use your Credit Card, Debit Card or Pay pal account.
Note: Since these are handmade products, you must fill in what you are purchasing, and your shipping address. It's not difficult. We will confirm your order and receipt of funds via email,   Your knife will then be put on my production schedule, and completed without delay.
Changes to your order must be made within one week of payment date. After that, your knife will be in work and changes could be difficult.
During the wait time, your emails are welcomed for updates and progress reports. When your knife is complete, I will email photos for your approval. I'm sure you'll be pleased, but if your not, I will make another knife without delay. After that, your knife will be shipped  via USPS Priority mail. Please let me know that it arrives safely. You have ten days to examine the knife. If your dissatisfied, you can return it for a remake. . After that, you have a life time replacement warranty.

Each Relentless knife is completely handmade for you by me in my shop. So, there is a waiting period during which I make your knife.
Some people can not or will not wait, so,
Wait time can be reduced to 6 weeks for Hot Enhanced knives and 4 weeks
on cataloged models by
paying an additional rush fee of $100.00....Just include the extra fee and
RUSH on your order description.
Should you need the knife quicker than that, I
can do it in three and two weeks respectively. So mark your order
Super Rush and include $200.00 additional.
Keep in mind that I have many orders, and your order is in a line with others. The rush fee is because I do not slow down others orders for your rush, but simply do nothing that I would usually do while completing your order which results in personal matters being on hold etc etc.

Rushing Custom Builds is not recommended, but if you want it and it is possible the fee depends on the build and is more than the Rush and Super Rush listed above


Customization of cataloged models is available usually for a small extra fee. This would include but not limited to changes in blade length, handle material additional overall length etc. Customizations are no problem so long as they do not defeat the integrity of the model.
Contact me with your ideas and I will quote
prices availability od materials etc.

Extra Blade length $10.00 per inch for cataloged knives.


  KG Gun Kote or Dura Coat +$35.00 and up depending on knife size.
Many available  colors
Black or Gray in stock.
Parkerizing on Carbon steel knives +$25.00
NOTE: All of the coatings work but keep in mind knives function via abrasion so expect wear.

Knife Finishes Dura Coat or KG Gun Kote

Custom Etching

Laser or Chemical etching is available
Laser or Chemical etching
Contact me for details.


Black or Amber canvas micarta handles are stock on
cataloged Relentless Knives, but, since every knife is completely handmade by me in my shop, you can request different materials.
Prices range from no extra charge to +$ +
The possibilities are endless


Glow in the dark inserts
Tritium or Glow stuff in  handles  Price varies.


Photos of your knife in the making
Photos of your knife in work are available for a photographers fee
of $100.00


My web site sometimes lists available knives for sale. These are knives that I make and sell. They are usually cataloged models, but sometimes they are prototypes, or just non cataloged knives that I wanted to make. There is no predetermined schedule for these. If you want one I simply suggest you watch the available knives pages.

  To get a Custom project underway, contact me anytime with any contact button on this web site. we can exchange emails until I clearly understand what you want.  Visit our NEW Custom Shop page for more info

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