Knives with an attitude

I'm located in a remote area of the Great Smokey Mountains USA. Before becoming a knife maker, I was a Policeman in a Large Northern City, for approx 20 years, the last ten in plain clothes on the warrant squad, was full of action packed adventure which I loved... My  law enforcement career, abruptly ended through no fault of my own, politics etc. and left me to look for a new home as well as employment. I could have simply continued with Law Enforcement else where, but I had done it all, and was actually slightly weary of Crips, Bloods, Da hood, and my human trash collecting chores.
I always liked guns and knives, had a class 3 firearms license, was a firearms instructor,and sold machine guns to police depts. part time,had done part time gun smith work, and had been attempting to make knives part time for three years before retiring, so I decided that I might be able to make knives
full time..This was the start of a journey into knife making that can really only be fully understood by those that take the path.
Completely self schooled, I do all processes in house, as well as photography, web master,computer tech etc.
When one looks at a knife, it appears a simple tool, yet making one that looks and functions perfectly is a constant challenge, and skill that takes great time and patience to master....I am also a martial artist, and  can tell you it's one of those type deals.
My background in Police work lead me toward making knives that were valuable as weapons as well as cutting tools. The police world taught me first hand that sometimes, circumstances put peoples lives at risk. Failure of the weapon or tool in the hand at that moment can be devastating.

After Sept.11th 2001
I procured all available mil spec's on Military knives,
and decided to specialize in  combat knives for the military and police professional. I went about interviewing soldiers and policemen to find out what they wanted in a knife.
My study found that most active military men stretch the meaning of knife to shovel, crow bar, spear, ax, probe, fork, spoon etc. etc. They want a tool that does not break easily, and is easy to sharpen quickly. They want stainless steel, but will settle for high carbon steel if the knife performs for them otherwise.
Most Policemen, including my self, reported using the knife only as a backup last ditch weapon, as well as a cutting and prying tool, with strength and conceal ability as a main concern.
So, all of my Relentless models are made with the military and police in mind, although I do make lots of other knives which are more intended for hunting, camping and general utility..

Your questions, comments and orders are always welcomed.
I look forward to making your special knife.

Dan Certo