Custom Handmade Leather and Kydex knife sheaths

Sheath Catalog

Ordering instructions are listed below. Feel free to contact me at any time with your questions , comments and orders.
Thanks to all of my Great customers, past, present and future.  Your continued interest is my motivation to make RELENTLESS KNIVES  and Sheaths the Best on the planet. Take one on your next adventure, they are built to withstand extreme conditions, and waiting to become your faithful companion. I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Thanks Again 
Dan Certo

Currently every RELENTLESS Knife
is supplied with a  Top Quality Leather sheath.

Leather Sheaths

Basic  LB1 Features and Benefits: The LB1 is a  Great all around basic sheath, Handmade from Top Grain Leather. Three layers of leather mean your knife will be safe from internal rivets etc.
Mil Spec grommets allow attachment to many different types of gear.
Relentless Knives LB1 Leather sheath
Comes with your knife

Optional Sheaths

In an effort to provide  you  a variety of carry options, other sheaths are available here.
We also make sheaths for Factory and other knives.
Each sheath is completely handmade

Relentless Knives LBPF1 Pouch Front leather sheath
LPF1 Pouch Front leather sheath +$95.00 and up depending on knife size
Tek Lok Hanger for either sheath +$25.00 installed

Relentless Knives Form fit kydex sheaths

Form Fit Kydex sheath + $55.00 and up depending on knife size

Interchangeable hangers on either kydex or leather sheath allowing high ride, drop leg, horizontal or Molle carry
$25.00 each and up depending on knife size